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Since uploading this set of images on her Facebook search page in hopes of them going viral, the images have actually brought in over 5,000 likes as well as 6,000 shares. After acquiring as well as checking them, she was surprised at the lovely pictures that emerged.




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If you do share these images, Abell is asking that you make use of the hashtag #? FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives to make sure that the search is much more concentrated and less complicated to track. Neither woman's face is fully visible in any one of the chances.

Photographer Meagan Abell from Richmond, Virginia, was surfing a second hand store a few weeks ago when she came across 4 collections of medium layout downsides, resting in plastic sleeves to name a few vintage images. It'll be interesting to see whether the digital photography area can unite to solve this image puzzle.



Update: On the edge of the film for one of the photos are the numbers "431 6082." Anyone recognize what they imply?.




The thrift store remained in Richmond, Virginia, as well as Abell thinks that the pictures are from the 1940s or 1950s based on the style of the gowns put on by the subjects.

(through Meagan Abell using SLR Lounge).

The pictures reveal just what appears to be two various women posing on a beach, gazing out into the horizon at dawn or sunset while waves collapse around their feet.


Abell is now transforming to the Internet for aid in locating the topics and also professional photographer of the images.

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